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The IDENT command identifies the objects in the specified sectors, and displays the properties of the objects.



Syntax Element



The 64-bit identifier of a cylinder, entered as a 16‑character hexadecimal number.


The sector number.


The number of sectors to examine, starting from sectornum, but not extending beyond the end of the cylinder.


Filer will use the most recently saved values for cylid, sectornum, or sectorcount.

This option cannot be used unless input values have already been defined for cylid, sectornum, or sectorcount. For more information, see “Stored Input Values” on page 82.

Usage Notes  

An object is identified even if the sector is not the first sector in that object.

A description of all DBs or WDBs in the specified area is provided for both normal and Depot cylinders. Other objects or regions are identified but not described in detail.

IDENT accepts any cylid and sector number. Therefore, in addition to the DB sectors, CI, FREE, MI, FIB, SEG0, etc. are also accepted and the owner identified.

IDENT also displays the WAL log objects containing WAL log sectors. For example, for a sector in a data block, IDENT displays the SRD, DBD, database name, and table name. For a sector in the cylinder index, IDENT indicates that the sector is in the CI. Wherever the sector is, IDENT indicates the object, such as SEG0, FIB, MI, CI, DB, the cylinder’s free sector list, WCI, WDB, or WAL log cylinder free list. The WMI is omitted because the WMI never is written to disk.

If the storage has not yet been profiled, information on Grade and Temperature is not displayed.