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Starting Filer

Standard Startup Syntax

Start Filer from the Supervisor window of Database Window (DBW). Use the DBW start command. For more information on the options available with the start command, see “Database Window (xdbw)” in Utilities, Volume 1.


Syntax Element



Starts Filer with file system locking disabled.

Use this option to avoid hang or deadlock situations caused by lock conflicts. Because the file system locking protocols are not observed, Filer may see inconsistent information.


This option should be used only when Teradata Database is in the Debug-Stop state. Use of the -l option at other times can cause a database reset.


Same as the -l option.


Starts Filer on a single vproc. This is also known as running Filer in single user mode.

If the -v vproc option of the DBW START command is specified together with the -v option of Filer, Filer is started on the vproc identified by vproc, otherwise, Filer is started on the control vproc, normally the AMP that is running with the lowest vproc number. For more information on DBW commands and options, see “Database Window (xdbw)” in Utilities, Volume 1.

Note: The SCOPE and VPROC commands are not allowed when Filer is run in single user mode. For more information, see “SCOPE (or VPROC)” on page 206.

-m [percent]

Causes the Teradata Database file system to allocate a percentage of available memory for Filer to use for output buffers. This can help prevent Filer from running out of buffer space when running commands that generate large amounts of output.

percent specifies the percentage of memory per AMP that the file system allocates for Filer. The valid range is from 1 through 75%. If -m is used without a percent specification, 25% of available memory is allocated.


Displays the online help for Filer.


Displays the online help for Filer.

Usage Notes

Teradata Database and the Teradata Database File System need not be running when Filer is started.


Do not leave Filer running unattended because locks on segments (if any exist) could block other tasks. Either quit Filer, or use the DROP command to release these locks.