16.20 - Uninstalling NetVault from Windows - TARA

Teradata® Tiered Archive/Restore Architecture Server Installation Guide for NetVault

November 2017
  1. Select Remove when a screen displays the choice of modifying, repairing, or removing the program. Click Next.

  2. Click OK when asked to verify if the prior application should be removed. An Uninstall Complete dialog box verifies the removal of the Teradata TARA server.
  3. Click Finish.
    Windows Registry Entries
    Folder Created During Installation Registry Entry Created During Installation Manual Deletion During Uninstallation
    server HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Teradata\TARA Server The uninstallation process does not automatically clear all folders and registry details. Manual deletion of files is necessary in some of the subfolders:
    • bin

      This folder is automatically removed during uninstallation.

      However, if any of the files under this folder were manually modified, the file is retained with the folder. Manually delete the file and folder.

    • config, jir, logs, sr

      These folders are not automatically deleted. Manually delete these folders and registry entries.

    server HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Teradata\Tara Server The uninstallation process does not automatically clear all folders.

    These folders are automatically deleted:

    • config, logs
    • jir, sr