16.00 - Resolved Issues - Teradata Data Mover

Teradata Data Mover Release Definition

Teradata Data Mover
December 2016
Release Notes

Resolved issues are corrections to Teradata Data Mover 16.00, including related documentation.

Improvement Description
DM-18134 Data Mover jobs using source credential pool no longer fail to run if target system is not in the pool.
DM-19644 Data Mover create command no longer fails with a 9804 error when copying a database with a large number of objects.
DM-20263 Data Mover full database copies using multiple data streams no longer hangs.
DM-20346 Data Mover row count validation and compare ddl on specific tables now work properly when moving an entire database.
DM-20396 Data Mover TPTAPI jobs no longer hang due to target slots not being released properly when a job is stopped.
DM-20424 Data Mover target user pool now properly synchronizes user requests from different target systems, eliminating jobs hanging at start time.
DM-20425 When a user attempts to stop a Data Mover ARC job that is waiting for users from a pool, the task is now properly removed and the job is properly stopped.
DM-20534 Data Mover source group pool user now properly picks up changed passwords for ARC and TPT jobs with the freeze_jobs_steps parameter.
DM-21242 Data Mover portlet no longer generates an error when trying to change table copy mode from Table and Statistics back to Only Data.
DM-21272 Data Mover dmCommandLine.log no longer displays security_password as plain text when it is provided as a command line parameter.
DM-21364 Data Mover no longer fails to properly cleanup the previous job after restart when more than one Data Move Agent is running.
DM-21385 Data Mover no longer sends a TVI alert due to brief loss of connectivity followed by an immediate reconnection to ActiveMQ.
DM-21394 Data Mover no longer causes decimal precision loss when using QueryGrid T2H to move data from Teradata to Hadoop.
DM-21395 Data Mover no longer fails on a partial table copy to Aster when a table has case-sensitive columns.
DM-21402 Data Mover TVI assetbundle feature now only sends new messages when a new asset is recognized.
DM-21436 Data Mover AIX installation no longer fails with an error trying to locate JRE.
DM-21490 Data Mover jobs no longer hang when issues exist communicating with Ecosystem Manager.
DM-21508 Data Mover stored procedures no longer fail due to input data length greater than 31,000 bytes.
DM-21541 Data Mover no longer encounters "Persistent store is Full, 100%" errors due to stale command line response messages left on the ActiveMQ queue.
DM-21545 Data Mover no longer throws a NullPointerException error when moving data from Hadoop or Aster to Teradata using GroupPool users.
DM-21596 Data Mover no longer fails moving objects (such as triggers) that have embedded comments.
DM-21637 Data Mover portlet now allows a Force Utility option in Advanced Job Settings when creating a Teradata to Hadoop job.
DM-21645 Data Mover full database copy using multiple data streams no longer hangs when archive side starts data phase after copy side completes.
DM-21772 Data Mover no longer throws a validation error on the edit command when “use target user pool” is TRUE and no target credential is specifically provided.
DM-21840 Data Mover create command no longer fails with a 9804 error when copying entire databases with a large amount of tables.
DM-21871 Data Mover no longer receives DMSync error "The user does not have SELECT access to DBC.UDTInfo.TypeName" after an upgrade from 15.10 or older versions.
DM-21900 Data Mover Sync service no longer returns "The positional assignment list has too few values" error while executing CALL SP_insertTvi ASSET.
DM-21924 Data Mover copy stats no longer fails with an “invalid TimeStamp Literal” error when the source and target database are set to an Australian timezone.
DM-21957 Data Mover Damon and Agent components no longer leak threads due to retry logic when activeMQ is not running.
DM-22032 Data Mover now fails ARC jobs immediately if COPY step encounters an error rather than wait until the end of the job to mark it failed.
DM-22045 Data Mover now properly displays table columns, triggers, indexes, and stored procedures when list_job_definition uses the job execution name.
DM-22059 Data Mover PURGE logic now works properly even if any jobs are in RUNNING state.
DM-22060 Data Mover ROW_COUNT_VALIDATION step no longer fails due to missing events from failed Data Mover tasks.
DM-22061 Data Mover asset reporting no longer reports the incorrect Data Mover version.
DM-22067 Data Mover asset report InstanceID no longer changes due to mistakenly removed asset report bundles.
DM-22073 Data Mover Hadoop jobs using T2H no longer require the user to specify the force utility.
DM-22086 Data Mover no longer has excessive logging of “Stale Event Tracker found …” messages, which previously caused the daemon log to prematurely fill and wrap.
DM-22092 Data Mover save configuration REST call no longer fails with “string length out of bounds” error when using the encrypted_password field.
DM-22185 Data Mover upgrade now properly removes unnecessary stored procedure in SP_insertJobExecLogLine.
DM-22375 Data Mover no longer encounters an exception when a new object is added to the Source database while Data Mover is moving the entire database via ARC.
DM-22378 Data Mover queued jobs now move more quickly to RUNNING state in high workload environments.
DM-22390 Data Mover no longer fails deleting a NEW job with "Job not found or has never been executed before" when the waiting list is not empty.
DM-22391 Data Mover list_jobs command with a given job name now only returns the job execution steps for the specific requested job.
DM-22392 Data Mover no longer deletes a job which has been submitted but is still in the waiting list to run.
DM-22410 Data Mover move command with -sync no longer hangs even though the job finished.
DM-22411 The Data Mover portlet now updates the % complete on an ARC job's status while it is running.
DM-22421 Data Mover restart command no longer shows USER_CANCELLED status in some cases.
DM-22423 Data Mover no longer experiences performance degradation and eventual Data Mover failures due to build up of leftover data in the Data Mover repository.
DM-22555 Data Mover now properly specifies a target database at the job level via the job settings tag.
DM-22556 Data Mover agent threads now properly close when ARC socket "connection reset" occurs on agent.
DM-22558 Data Mover daemon no longer encounters connection loss to ActiveMQ during high workload situations.
DM-22677 Data Mover Sync service now handles special characters for String field in stored procedure SP_insertRowCountStatus.
DM-22692 Data Mover list_jobs command no longer returns jobs that are not yet started when using the start_time or end_time parameters.
DM-22694 Cleanup of failed Data Mover ARC jobs no longer fails to unlock ARC source read locks.
DM-22836 Data Mover daemon no longer loses connection to agents when multiple list_agents commands run at the same time.
DM-22843 Data Mover jobs can no longer get deleted when moving from the waiting list to running list.
DM-22844 Data Mover ARC Access Module no longer fails with the 'Connection reset by peer' error during high volume of agent connections.
DM-22950 Data Mover no longer deletes target tables on job failure when tables were created with prior execution of job.
DM-22954 The Data Mover portlet and command line interfaces now allow edit or delete of a job even after a user changes the TDPID for a system in their Group ID Pool.
DM-23005 Data Mover dmsupport.sh script no longer deletes non-Data Mover XML files when run from a non-Data Mover directory that has non-Data Mover XML files.
DM-23183 Data Mover upgrade script now updates the version number as the last step to enable re-execution of upgrade due to a prior failure.
DM-23219 Data Mover purge no longer misses purging the job history for jobs that failed to start due to no agent being available or the job already running.
DM-23273 Data Mover now displays a job failure reason in the status output for a rejected job.
DM-23274 Data Mover command line installation on Linux will now generate an error if Java is not properly configured.
DM-23359 Data Mover list_jobs command now displays appropriate jobs when the status_mode parameter is used along with the start_time parameter.
DM-23380 Data Mover no longer displays clear text passwords in the browser development tools within the Favorite Systems page of the Data Mover portlet.
DM-23381 Data Mover no longer displays clear text passwords in the browser development tools within the ID Pools Details page of the Data Mover setup portlet.
DM-23382 Data Mover Sync service now works properly when the user has changed the default Data Mover repository password with the changepassword script.
DM-23398 Data Mover no longer displays clear text passwords in the browser development tools within the Edit Credential Modal dialog of Edit Job page of the Data Mover portlet.
DM-23399 Data Mover no longer displays plain text passwords in command line or daemon debug log files for ID pools and Target User Pools.
DM-23406 Data Mover no longer displays the hive_password parameter in clear text in the agent debug log for Hadoop jobs.
DM-23408 Data Mover no longer displays clear text passwords in the viewpoint portlet logfile when debug logging is set.
DM-23474 Data Mover no longer receives the OutOfMemory error due to ARC tasks not successfully cleaning up after job completion.