Monitor/Check/Filter Job Status | Teradata AppCenter - 1.10 - Monitoring and Filtering Job Status - Teradata AppCenter

Teradata® AppCenter User Guide

Teradata AppCenter
March 2020
User Guide
"" User, Administrator
  1. Select "" > Execution Status.
  2. [Optional] If the job included parameters and you are the app or script owner, manager, or private user, select "" to view the parameters used.
    For example:

    Sample job parameters
  3. [Optional] Select "" to refresh the list.
  4. [Optional] In the Search apps and scripts box, enter any part of the app or script name you want to find in the Execution Status list.
  5. [Optional] Select "" to use the following filter options:
    Filter Description
    Type Filter jobs by apps, scripts, or all.
    Status Filter jobs by executed, running, scheduled, waiting jobs, or all.
    App Name Filter jobs by app or script name.
    Owner Filter jobs by job owner.
    Staged Date Filter jobs by date range or date and time range.
    Start Date Filter jobs based on a particular start date.
    End Date Filter job based on a particular end date.
    If a job remains in the state of waiting for resources, consider stopping other jobs that are running or decrease resources for the associated app or script using the Memory and CPU settings.