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UTY6627 Recovery failing: ran out of space in temporary file.


Recovery uses a tempfile when necessary. This message indicates a tempfile is not large enough to hold the data/information that a recovery needs. The temporary files are created by the SAS/C function tmpfile(). According to the SAS/C manual, temporary files are normally allocated using a unit name of VIO and a space allocation of 50 tracks. It also states that the unit name and default space allocation can be changed by a site.


To solve this problem, the user has two choices, the first proactive and second reactive: The unit name and/or default space allocation can be changed by the site, as described in the SAS/C installation instructions. This approach will affect all SAS/C programs which share the runtime library. Of course, any changes to the default space allocation may require a certain measure of tuning and experiment action in order to arrive at an optimal figure.A temporary file can also be explicitly specified in the JCL using the SYSTMPnn DD statement, where nn corresponds to the accumulated count of tmpfile invocations for the job step. Unfortunately, with an application like TPUMP it is not always possible to determine in advance exactly which temporary data set associated with a given invocation of tmpfile will not afford adequate space for the needs of the application.