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Teradata Meta Data Services Programmer Guide

Teradata Meta Data Services
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Teradata Tools and Utilities


This book provides information about the Teradata Meta Data Services Meta Data Development Kit, which is a Teradata® Tools and Utilities product. Teradata Tools and Utilities is a group of products designed to work with Teradata Database.

Programming information and descriptions of the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Meta Data Services Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs), and other files needed to interface with the MDS Repository from customer applications are provided.

The subjects covered in this book include:

  • Overview of Interfaces to MDS
  • Application Information Models
  • General API Information
  • Data Types Used in APIs
  • C++ Class - CMetaRepository
  • C++ Class - CMetaPersist
  • C++ Class - CMetaObject
  • C++ Class - CMetaFilterInfo
  • C++ Class - CMetaObjectKey
  • C++ Class - CMetaObjectClassKey
  • C++ Class - AIM
  • C++ Class - Security
  • COM Interfaces
  • XML Scripting Interface
  • Error Messages
  • Steps for Using the MDS APIs and Example Code