Chapter 13 Security Classes - Teradata Meta Data Services

Teradata Meta Data Services Programmer Guide

Teradata Meta Data Services
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This topic describes the MDS security classes:

  • CMetaApplicationGroup Class
  • CMetaUser Class
  • CMetaSecurityProfileEntry Class
  • CMetaSecurityProfile Class
  • The CMetaApplicationGroup class and CMetaUser class define users who have access to meta data objects.

    A user must be defined to enable logon to MDS. The logged on user has access to objects based on the access permissions defined for each object.

    An Applications Group defines a set of users. For objects assigned to an Application Group, all users in the Application Group have the same access to the objects based on the Application Group access permissions assigned to objects.

    The CMetaSecurityProfile and CMetaSecurityProfileEntry classes are used to create, delete, and update permissions in security profiles.

    Only a super user can use these APIs.