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Common Warehouse Metamodel

The Object Management Group (OMG) defined and maintains a specification that describes meta data interchange called the Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM). The purpose of the CWM metamodel is to enable the interchange of warehouse and business intelligence (BI) meta data.

The MDS CWM holds meta data imported by XML Bridge, a Teradata tool that supports the exchange of information between MDS repository and select BI analytic modeling tools. The CWM metamodel is provided by MDS and created manually by the user. See the instructions for using XML Bridge in Appendix D of the Teradata Meta Data Services User Guide (B035‑3118).

The layout of the MDS CWM metamodel is shown in Figure 15. The metamodel supports OMG CWM Core, Relational, Keys & Indexes, OLAP, and Transformation packages.

Figure 15: CWM_Metamodel layout

For more information about CWM_Metamodel classes, see the Teradata Meta Data Services User Guide (B035‑3118).

For a complete list of all CWM_Metamodel classes and their properties, see the metamodel as defined in the XML file, or as viewed in the MDS Repository Explorer.