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Database Information Metamodel (DIM)

The Database Information Metamodel (DIM) provides the base model in which to store Teradata Database Systems meta data in the MDS repository.

When other applications in Teradata reference the meta data in the DIM instead of maintaining identical meta data, it reduces meta data redundancy and the number of places that a change must be made.

Extending the DIM with relationships to the database meta data allows MDS to maintain the integrity of Teradata’s meta data.

The DIM is represented in Figure 10 and Figure 11. Table 4 on page 41 and Table 38 on page 66 contain descriptions of the DIM classes and relationships respectively.

Figure 10: Database Information Metamodel (DIM) (Sheet 1 of 2)
Figure 11: Database Information Metamodel (DIM) (Sheet 2 of 2)