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CMetaObjectKey Class

The CMetaObjectKey class defines the identifiers of an object (Object ID and name). It is returned from CMetaObject::GetClassObjectKeys, CMetaObject::GetDestCollectionKeys and CMetaObject::GetOrigCollectionKeys functions. The class has the following functions:

  • Initialize
  • Operator ==
  • Operator <
  • GetObjectName
  • SetObjectName
  • GetObjectID
  • SetObjectID
  • Note: ObjectKey API calls return a subset of the properties returned by the standard interface that returns all of an object’s properties. For example, an ObjectKey call can return specific parameter values for an object, such as the object name and id. If fewer details are required, use of ObjectKey calls provides more efficiency resulting in better performance.

    For something in between the standard object API and ObjectKey calls, use a property filter that allows fetching additional object properties that are not provided through an ObjectKey call. Filters allow users to specify specific object properties to be returned.