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GetVersioningSupport returns the current setting for the VersioningSupport property of a CMetaAIM object.


The VersioningSupport property has three possible values:

  • META_NO_VERSIONING - the AIM does not support data versioning, none of the existing classes created by the AIM support versioning, and any new classes for the AIM will not support versioning.
  • META_HAD_DATA_VERSIONING - the AIM does not support data versioning and any new classes for the AIM will not support versioning. However, some of the classes in the AIM currently retain multiple versions of data objects that existed when data versioning was disabled for the AIM. Even though multiple versions may exist for a data object, WriteObject will never create new versions for existing data objects; only the latest version for an object will be modified
  • META_HAS_DATA_VERSIONING - the AIM supports data versioning and any new class for the model will, by default, support versioning; existing classes may or may not support versioning.
  • For an existing AIM, this value is only meaningful after calling ReadObject for the AIM.