17.10 - Eliminating Set Operation Branches - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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Advanced SQL Engine
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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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This rewrite looks for branches of set operations that contain unsatisfiable conditions, which are usually derived by SAT-TC, and then removes those branches if it can.

Eliminating Branches With Unsatisfiable Conditions

Suppose you have created table sales2 with the following partial definition:

     CREATE TABLE sales2 (
       sales_date DATE
     CONSTRAINT feb_only CHECK (EXTRACT(MONTH FROM sales_date=2));

Consider the following example:

     SELECT *
     FROM sales1
     WHERE EXTRACT(MONTH FROM sales_date)=1


     SELECT *
     FROM sales2
     WHERE EXTRACT(MONTH FROM sales_date)=1;

The second branch of the UNION ALL in this example is unsatisfiable because sales2 only contains rows where the value for month in sales_date equals 2. Therefore, the query can be rewritten as follows:

     SELECT *
     FROM sales1
     WHERE EXTRACT(MONTH FROM sales_date)=1;

When branches of UNION operations, as opposed to UNION ALL operations, are eliminated, the rewrite adds a DISTINCT to the remaining branch if necessary to guarantee correct results. Unsatisfiable branches of INTERSECT and MINUS operations are also eliminated by this rewrite technique.