16.10 - Improvements - Teradata Unity

Teradata Unity Release Definition

Teradata Unity
January 2018
Release Notes

Improvements are new features and changes that enhance the operation of Unity.

Issue Description
GS-70799 Sequencer has the watchdog's port, watchdog not processing
GS-104859 Bteq logon to Unity times out during catalog reload
GS-107115 Table is interrupted after running a query with random and current_timestamp
GS-107961 "Unity stop Sequencer" fails while automatic support bundle collection by sequencer is in progress
GS-108702 Backtrace generation is triggering too often
GS-110582 MLOAD ignores override parcel, causing non-deterministic elements of DML statements to apply mismatched data
GS-114971 Sequencer restart with pending recovery can cause lock queue error at dispatcher
GS-115004 Table unrecoverable because load applied 10000 inserts, Expected 9000 inserts
GS-115577 MSTR Test SQLs failing because the SQL contains OVER clause with no qualifying window order-by clause
GS-116360 Sequencer fails calling System add from ClientRequest
GS-116852 Calling stored procedure in another database results in Failure 8051 through Unity
GS-116948 Endpoint fails while running Timeseries Utkernal feature
GS-116994 RSG Timeout: first record inserted in direct connection is missing in target system

Fastload failure in customer workload . Noticed initial error messages like "Authentication failed [0, 3029, 'Associated LSN was not found.']"

GS-117070 Endpoint leaked at table_merge while querying `show DML`
GS-117354 Fastload sessions and some bteq SQL sessions stuck via Unity
GS-117512 Over clause along with partition by & order by which should return 4514 behaves weird
VPGS-8 Not able to view the routing rule box when editing a routing rule
VPGS-13 Unity Director Setup Portlet - Not all selected databases are scanned
VPGS-17 2nd user can't enter edit dictionary screen if 1st user closes browser while in dictionary edit screen
VPGS-77 Unity Director setup: Table Action Change Routing Rules/Change Error Profile dialog is not working with multiple selection
VPGS-92 Operation details tab shows data regardless of what filters are set for Start time and Finish time
VPGS-99 Check box for checking all available dictionaries is not working as expected when only one dictionary
VPGS-101 Unity Director Setup: Export fails for Alerts tab
VPGS-109 Dashboard component display disappears when second unity server is shutdown
VPGS-112 Table Health doesn’t remove old data after Unity reinstallation
VPGS-122 Viewpoint neither prompts with an error nor prevents the creation of a Dictionary with non-alphanumeric characters
VPGS-132 Can’t apply changes to Global settings page
VPGS-135 Deploy Dictionary: Change dictionary option is hanging for not giving proper working dictionary
VPGS-139 Working Dictionaries shows a message when user deploys a dictionary on GUI, but the message is not cleared automatically
VPGS-141 Viewpoint Unity Director Table Health Shows incorrect information for objects when a new a system is added in unity without managed objects
VPGS-160 Portlets: Unity Directory: Table Health: Internal Error: Contact you administrator
VPGS-161 Unity Director: Alert detail is not displayed when specific row is selected from Alerts tab
VPGS-222 Viewpoint Unity Director Table Health shows empty data
VPGS-228 JavaScript error when deploying dictionary
VPGS-232 During Dictionary Scan user can select desired databases but all objects are scanned regardless
VPGS-234 When objects exist only on one managed system, Working Dictionary Details shows N/a for object types of Macro and UDT/UDF
VPGS-242 Routing Rules on Unity setup page are not displayed with IE 11
VPGS-260 After setting up the Viewpoint with Unity, through Viewpoint GUI able to see incorrect data under Table Health
VPGS-265 Table health does not refresh screen when trying to page through large numbers of tables