16.00 - Emmonitorrest User Operations - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata Ecosystem Manager Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Teradata Ecosystem Manager
December 2016

The return type of the API calls is JSON. The generic format of the API calls is: http://[HOST:PORT]/<URI>

The HOST refers to the monitored system on which the emmonitorrest service is running. The default PORT value is 8090.

The REST client specifies the mediatype/version and format in every request.


The REST client provides the username and password (default values, emem and em) in every request. The following table shows the method and URI.
HTTP method URI Description
GET /emmonitor/metricData/servers Returns server information.


 [{"name":"pontus", "platform":"Linux", "links":[{"rel":"self","href":" http://pontus:8090/emmonitor/metricData/servers/pontus" }, {"rel":"metricGroups","href":" http://pontus:8090/emmonitor/metricData/servers/pontus/metricGroups" }, {"rel":"metrics","href":" http://pontus:8090/emmonitor/metricData/servers/pontus/metrics" }] }]
GET /emmonitor/metricData/servers/<serverName>/metricGroups

Return a JSON Array of metricGroups for the specified <serverName>.


[{ "name":"CPU", "frequency":30,
"links":[{"rel":"self","href":"http://pontus:8090/emmonitor/metricData/servers/pontus/metricGroups/CPU"}]}, {"name":"MEMORY", "frequency":30, "links":[{"rel":"self","href":"http://
pontus:8090 emmonitor/metricData/servers/ pontus/metricGroups/
MEMORY "}]}, {"name":"DISK", "frequency":30,
/metricGroups/DISK"}]}, {"name":"NETWORK", "frequency":30,
NETWORK "}]}, }]
GET /emmonitor/metricData/servers/<serverName>/metrics

Returns a JSON Array of metrics for the specified <serverName>.

The request parameters:

  • startTime
  • endTime

These are optional and represent a range of time interval for which the metrics are requested. If not specified, it returns the metrics for the latest data point or last collected values.

  • metricGroupName

This is an optional parameter. If specified, the metrics for the metricGroup are returned and it can take one of these values, CPU, NETWORK, MEMORY and DISK. If not specified, all metrics are returned in the response.

The response fields:

  • name - represents metric name
  • label - represents metric label
  • startTime - startTime if specified
  • endTime - endTime if specified
  • values - metric value tuple
For example:
{"name": "UPTIME",
"label": "System Uptime",
"values": {"value": [2357.89],"collectedTime": 1438929885886},
"unit": "h",
"links": [{"rel": "self","href": "http://pontus:8090/emmonitor/metricData/servers/pontus/metrics/UPTIME"

"label": "DISK WRITE RATE",
"values": {"value": [89.62,98.57,105.88,122.06], collectedFor": "[/],[/var],[/var/opt/teradata],[/data]","collectedTime": 1438929885880},
"unit": "b/s",
"links": [{"rel": "self","href": "http://pontus:8090/emmonitor/metricData/servers/pontus/metrics/DISKWRITERATE"}]