16.00 - Assigning User Roles - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata Ecosystem Manager Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Teradata Ecosystem Manager
December 2016
A role must be defined in the Roles Manager portlet in the Teradata Viewpoint portal before it can be assigned to a user. The Roles tab provides a list of available roles. Roles can be selected and assigned to the current user account.

You can assign roles to an existing Teradata Viewpoint user account. If your Teradata Viewpoint portal is configured to use auto-provisioning, a user account is created automatically the first time a user logs on to Teradata Viewpoint. By default, auto-provisioned accounts are authenticated externally and assigned a default role. The authentication source (for example, LDAP) and default role are set during configuration.

  1. From the Admin menu, open the Roles Manager portlet.
  2. From the Users view, browse the list of users or use the filters to find users.
  3. Click a user name.
  4. Click the Roles tab. Available roles are listed in the AVAILABLE PORTAL ROLES pane. Roles assigned to the user are shown in the ROLES FOR <User> pane.
  5. Select a role from the AVAILABLE PORTAL ROLES list or select multiple roles by pressing Shift or Ctrl.
  6. Click . The selected roles appear in the ROLES FOR <User> pane. In the AVAILABLE PORTAL ROLES pane, the assigned roles are dimmed.
  7. Click Apply.