16.00 - Configuring Data Mover Job Execution and Logs Download Using Ecosystem Manager Workflow - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata Ecosystem Manager Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Teradata Ecosystem Manager
December 2016
Before you configure Data Mover job execution triggers and logs, ensure the following are installed and configured:
  • Data Mover version equal to or higher 15.11.xx
  • Ecosystem Manager 16.00.xx
  • Data Mover REST component on Data Mover server
  1. In the Ecosystem Configuration portlet, from the Server view, select a Data Mover server which has Data Mover REST components.
  2. In the Data Mover Job Control field, select Enabled.
  3. In the Workflow Designer portlet, add a Data Mover task node to a workflow. Enter configuration details as necessary.
    If the workflow was already deployed, you must undeploy the workflow before you can add the Data Mover task node. See the Teradata Ecosystem Manager User Guide for details.
  4. In the Ecosystem Explorer portlet, click the Workflows tab.
  5. Click next to the workflow name and select Start.
  6. After the workflow completes, in the Ecosystem Explorer portlet, click the Workflow tab, then click the Data Mover task node.
  7. In the property view, click the log file link to download.