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May 2017
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The Scheduled Requests tab shows information about all of the scheduled requests defined to Teradata QS.

Scheduled Requests Information Dialog Box: Scheduled Requests Tab

Scheduled Requests Information Dialog Box: Scheduled Requests Tab 
Option Description
Request Id This column displays the unique numerical identifier assigned to the scheduled request.
Request Name This column displays an optional descriptive name that helps to identify the request and its jobs.
User Name This column displays the name of the user who issued the request.
Last Job D/T This column displays the date and time, in yyyymmdd and hhmm format, the last job associated with the request that was scheduled to run.
Show Scheduling Info Click to view information about the selected request such as how and when the request is scheduled to execute, such as the frequency, start date and time, and maximum start interval in the Scheduling Info dialog box. See Scheduled Jobs Tab for more information.