16.20 - Parameters Tab - Query Scheduler

Teradata Query Scheduler User Guide

Query Scheduler
May 2017
User Guide

The Parameters tab shows configuration and general runtime information about the Teradata QS Communications components. The options in the Parameters tab cannot be modified. However, Communication parameters can be changed from the Configuration menu of the Teradata QS Operations tool. See Changing Default Server Information to learn how.

Communications Information Dialog Box: Parameters Tab 
Option/Control Description
Memory Size (KB) box The communications shared memory size in kilobytes.
Retries box Indicates the number of times the Teradata QS Communications components retries system and network functions when a failure is encountered.
Free Memory (KB) box The amount of free communications shared memory in kilobytes.
Free Msg Buffers box Indicates how many communications message buffers are currently available for use.
Default Server Name box The default network node name of a remote Teradata QS server system. This value is used if a client does not specify a server name when opening a new communications session.
Default Server Port box The default IP port number for a remote Teradata QS server system.
Network Node Name box The name of the local network node if it has been used as a Teradata QS server.
Network Node Address box The address of the local network node.
Listener Port box The IP port number on which the Teradata QS Listener component accepts socket connections from remote client systems.

This value is specified during Server installation and is saved in the <system>\system32\drivers\etc\ services file.

Listener Process ID box The process ID of the Teradata QS Listener process.