16.20 - SQL Text Dialog Box - Query Scheduler

Teradata Query Scheduler User Guide

Query Scheduler
May 2017
User Guide

Use the SQL Text dialog box to create single or multiple SQL statements to schedule for execution at a later time or date.

SQL Text Dialog Box

The following table describes the options and controls in this dialog box:

SQL Text Dialog Box: Option Descriptions  
Option Description
SQL Enter the text for the single or multiple SQL statements to schedule.
Large object (LOB) data cannot be inserted into a Teradata Database with scheduled requests to insert. However, a SQL request can be scheduled that retrieves LOB data from a table, and save those results to a table or a file.
OK Click to save your SQL statement and schedule it for execution in the Teradata Query Scheduler Submit dialog box.
Cancel Click to close the SQL Text dialog box without saving SQL statement.
Paste Click to add the text of single or multiple SQL statements copied from another application to the SQL Text dialog box.

To learn how to create SQL statements for scheduling using the SQL Text dialog box, see Scheduling a SQL Request.