16.20 - Defining the Teradata QS Database Logon Parameters - Query Scheduler

Teradata Query Scheduler User Guide

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May 2017
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Although the Teradata QS database password or the DBS Name can be viewed or modified, the Teradata QS database user name (tdwm) should not be changed. The DBS Name identifies the Teradata Database to which the server connects.

Changing the Teradata QS database password periodically provides additional security. If the password is changed, the Teradata QS database password must also be changed on the Teradata Database, and the Teradata QS Server must be restarted so it can detect the new password.

If any of these parameters are incorrect for your database, the Teradata QS Server will not start.

  1. From the Teradata Query Scheduler Operations window, click Configuration > Server.

    The Server Parameters dialog box appears.

  2. Change the following options as desired:
    Server Parameters Dialog Box: Option and Control Descriptions 
    Option/Control Description
    Database Name box Specify the Teradata Database to connect to.
    There must be an entry in the HOSTS file on the server system that corresponds to the DBS name. This entry should have the form xxx.xx.xxx.xxx sssCOP1; where xxx.xx.xxx.xxx is the IP address and sss is the Teradata Database name. See the Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator Guide (B035-2511) for instructions.
    User Name box This is the user/database name of the Teradata QS database, created as tdwm. This box is unavailable and cannot be changed.
    Password box Specify the password of the Teradata QS database that is initialized to tdwm. If it is changed here, it must also be changed in the database itself or the Teradata QS server will not log on correctly. If the password is changed, a prompt appears to verify the change before it is saved.
    Mechanism list box Select the authentication mechanism (for example, TD2) used for logon. The default is blank, representing the standard Teradata (TD2) mechanism.
    Parameter box Specify the logon string for authentication under the specified mechanism. If the specified mechanism does not require this string, leave the box empty.
  3. Continue with Changing Server Configurations or click OK to close the Server Parameters dialog box.