16.20 - Managing Teradata QS Error Log Files - Query Scheduler

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May 2017
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Teradata QS error log files provide Teradata support personnel and users with a general description of problems that have occurred.

The Teradata QS error log file is called tqslog. It always exists if errors have been logged. A different error log file is created for each date that a error log entry needs to be made.

The error log file name is appended with the year, month, and date it was created. For example, tqslog040712 is created to contain error log entries that occurred on July 12, 2004. If it is deleted, another is created when needed.

The Teradata QS components log all severe errors related to Teradata QS to this file. Only Teradata QS errors, and not user request errors, are logged. Database errors encountered when executing scheduled requests are not logged in the error file, but are saved in conjunction with the scheduled request being executed.

The default Teradata QS error log is in the C:\SchedLog directory. This location is specified during installation and saved in the Windows registry during Teradata QS Client installation.

Sample Error Log File

For details about the contents of the error log files, see About Error Log Files.