16.20 - Teradata QS Administrator Components - Query Scheduler

Teradata Query Scheduler User Guide

Query Scheduler
May 2017
User Guide
The administrator components include:
  • Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator
  • Teradata Query Scheduler Setup utility

The DBA uses the Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator to enable the scheduled request feature, set up user profiles, and setup time frames in which schedule requests are executed by Teradata QS.

The DBA also runs Teradata Query Scheduler Setup to migrate earlier versions of the Teradata QS database to the new version called TDWM. Scheduled request information is stored by Teradata QS in TDWM.

To learn about the Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator and Teradata Query Scheduler Setup utility, see Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator Guide (B035-2511).

The TDWM database is shared by Teradata DWM (Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager). However, Teradata QS maintains its own tables within the TDWM database.

The DBA previously used the Administrator components of prior versions of Teradata QS (Teradata DQM) to create and manage Teradata Database rules. This function has been moved to Teradata DWM. Using the Teradata DWM, your DBA can set up rules that manage database access, increase database efficiency, and enhance workload capacity.

To find out about the Teradata DWM, see Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager User Guide (B035-2513).