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May 2017
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The Connections tab shows information about the physical and logical communications connections.
  • The physical connections between client and server systems are managed by processes called routers. The router process that services the client end of a physical connection is a client router. The router process that services the server end is a server router.
  • The logical connections between client applications and the Teradata QS server are called sessions. On client and server systems, all sessions to the same remote system are handled by a single router process.
Communications Information Dialog Box: Connections Tab

Communications Information Dialog Box: Connections Tab 
Column Name Description
Type Indicates whether the connection is a client or server router process or a logical session.
Local Id The hexadecimal identifier of the router or session on the local system.
PID/CSID PID is the process ID of the main router process for the router types.

CSID is the hexadecimal identifier of the client or server sessions.

Sock State The state of the socket connection for the router types.
Send Msgs Indicates whether there are messages ready to send over the session or socket.
Shut/Disc Shut indicates whether there is a shutdown pending for router types.

Disc indicates whether there is a disconnect pending for sessions.

Pend Msgs The number of messages waiting for a response on the session.
Total Msgs The total number of messages sent on the session.