7.00.02 - Syntax - Aster Execution Engine

Aster Instance Installation Guide for Aster-on-Hadoop Only

Aster Execution Engine
July 2017
axsanity.py [--tests=[ice | ctas | sqlh | mapper | fqdn | mdpersist | core | r | ALL] ] [--skip=[<tests_to_skip>] [--debug] [--nosetup] [--nowarn] [--help] [--log=[<optional_path/><optional_log_name_base>]]


--tests=[< comma_separated_list_of_tests_to_run >] specifies the test sections that are to be included in the run of the AX 7.00.01 Sanity Test tool. ALL is the default. CAUTION: Teradata recommends that you do not run the Metadata Persistence test. Thus, do not specify mdpersist. If you specify ALL, ensure that you also omit the mdpersist test (for example, 

--skip=[< comma_separated_list_of_tests_to_skip >] specifies the test sections that are to be omitted from a run of the AX 7.00.01 Sanity Test tool.

The --debug option outputs to the terminal all messages created by the various tests, which is helpful in debugging issues located by the tool.

The --nosetup option applies to the SQL-H test. An initial set-up is attempted unless the --nosetup option is specified. If a prior test has performed the setup steps, this test will appear to hang due to some very long Hadoop infrastructure timeout values.

The --nowarn option suppresses the mdpersist warning message. If mdpersist is selected as a test that is to be run, the user will not be warned or provided the interactive option to halt or bypass the test. CAUTION: Teradata recommends that you do not specify the --nowarn option.

The --help option provides more information about the utility.

--log=[<optional_path/><optional_log_name_base>] specifies that a log file be created with messages from the test sections that are executed and allows a user to specify a non-default log file location and name. The default log file location is the current directory. If a base name is not specified (for example, --log=), the tool will create a filename using the default log file base name in the format: axsanity-<yyyymmdd>.log. If the path is specified, the <optional_log_base_name> should always be specified. Note that for each new test run, the results are appended to the log file and previous results are not overwritten; the base log file name is modified to include a timestamp for the written log file name. For example, /home/tsmith/axsanity1 becomes /home/tsmith/axsanity1-yyyymmdd.log. The log file is not written until the axsanity test is complete. As a result, if the test is aborted, a log file is not produced.