7.00.02 - Pre-Installation Reminders - Aster Execution Engine

Aster Instance Installation Guide for Aster-on-Hadoop Only

Aster Execution Engine
July 2017

Make sure you are ready to install the Aster instance:

For an Aster instance installation, the requirements are:

  • Install the Aster queen node on a Hadoop cluster edge node.
  • Install Aster worker nodes on only Hadoop cluster data nodes.
  • Review Early Planning For an Aster Instance Installation to ensure that networking for your cluster is correctly setup for the installation of an Aster instance.
  • These installation instructions describe installing a single Aster instance on a supported operating system and Hadoop distribution combination. Currently, only a single Aster instance is supported for installation on a Hadoop cluster.
    If you are reinstalling an Aster instance, you must first uninstall the existing Aster instance before proceeding with the installation. See Uninstalling the Aster Instance.
  • If Apache Knox or Apache Ranger software is running on your Hadoop cluster, contact your Account Representative before installing an Aster instance.
    Teradata has not tested this release of the Teradata AsterĀ® Execution Engine for Aster-on-Hadoop in an environment where Apache Knox or Apache Ranger software is running. If you must deploy the Teradata AsterĀ® Execution Engine in such an environment, contact your Account Representative.
  • Review Early Preparation For an Aster Instance Installation topics, which include:
    • System Requirements: Ensure you are installing the Aster instance on a supported OS and Hadoop distribution combination, follow Hadoop cluster configuration recommendations, and determine the number of vWorkers per worker node.
    • Cluster Network Prerequisites: Will you be using multi-NIC machines? Ensure you have collected the necessary information to have it available during the installation.
    • TCP Ports Used by the Aster Instance: This section is informational. However, you should review that ports that are required by the Aster Instance in order to avoid an unnecessary port conflict during installation.
    • Set Up Passwordless Authentication with SSH: Ensure you have set up passwordless authentication with SSH for the root user.
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