7.00.02 - Group Nodes - Aster Execution Engine

Aster Instance Installation Guide for Aster-on-Hadoop Only

Aster Execution Engine
July 2017
Assign every node in the Aster instance to one of two groups (queen or workers). For each group (queen or workers) you will loop through this task.
Ensure that every node in the Aster instance is assigned to a group. The action to assign every node in the Aster instance to a group is mandatory whether or not you initially plan to actively use the node as part of the Aster instance.
During an initial installation of the Aster instance, all nodes should initially be shown in one group until you assign them to different groups. If the Aster instance nodes are improperly grouped before any action is taken or if PUT will not allow groups to be assigned or combined into a single group, refer to the Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT) Reference or Troubleshoot Installation Issues for troubleshooting information.
  1. In the Group Nodes screen, select the node(s) for each group (queen or workers). Press Ctrl-click to select more than one node. Nodes categorized as HDEDGE nodes are Aster Queen nodes, and HDDATA nodes are Aster worker nodes.

  2. Click Modify Group. The Modify Group screen opens.
  3. In the Modify Group screen:
    1. Under the Choose Group heading, Select New Group.
    2. Under the Node Type heading, select the appropriate Node Type: ADQueen or ADWorkr.

      If the Node Type heading is not available:

      • Confirm that the installed version of PUT is minimally 03.08.02 and update to a newer version if necessary.
      • For new installations only, refer to the Troubleshooting PUT Appendix in the Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT) Reference.

    3. Click Submit Changes. You are returned to the Group Nodes screen where your changes are displayed.
  4. Repeat these steps until all cluster nodes are in the correct groups.

  5. Click Next.