7.00.02 - Considerations - Aster Execution Engine

Aster Instance Installation Guide for Aster-on-Hadoop Only

Aster Execution Engine
July 2017
  • CAUTION: Teradata recommends that you do not run the Metadata Persistence test (mdpersist). It is destructive (due to the system restart), and will result in all Aster tables, views, and their data being lost. When the sanity test determines the mdpersist option is selected, it issues this warning that requires a response from the user (unless the --nowarn flag is specified, which Teradata recommends against specifying):
    *** WARNING ***
    The Metadata Persistence test (mdpersist) will restart the cluster/instance,
    which will cause the loss of ALL ASTER TABLES, VIEWS, and their DATA!
    Data in the Hadoop infrastructure will not be affected.
    If you do not wish to incur that loss, please cancel this test AT ONCE or respond either 'n' (stop immediately) or 'o' (skip the mdpersist test) at the prompt (only available if --nowarn is NOT specified)!
    <ENTER> is treated as a 'y' (continue and include mdpersist) response.
    *** WARNING ***
    Do you wish to continue? y(yes),n(no) or o(omit mdpersist test)?
    You have selected the option y

    This warning is issued at the start of the test, and just before the actual metadata persistence test is initiated. Selecting either 'y' or <enter> will allow the test to be executed; the 'n' option will immediately cause the sanity test to exit (and halt execution); the 'o' option removes the mdpersist option from the work to do list, and the mdpersist test will not be executed. The optional --nowarn flag, which Teradata recommends against specifying, will suppress the warning message, and if mdpersist has been selected as a test that is to be run, the user will not be warned or provided the interactive option to halt or bypass that test.

  • The redeployment of the metadata after a system restart may be viewed in the AMC only if the user is logged-in with admin privileges (like db_superuser); user beehive is not able to view the progress of the metadata reload.
  • All tests other than mdpersist are nondestructive. This includes ice, ctas, sqlh, mapper, fqdn, core, and r.
  • The AX 7.00.01 Sanity Test verifies that a working version of ACT is available before continuing (version The sanity test also examines the coordinator rpm to verify the test is being run on a or newer cluster.
  • The FQDNtoIP test scans the /etc/hosts file to extract the fully qualified domain names. For this scan, it looks for the .labs.teradata string, which may not be present on commodity clusters.
  • If a short list of tests will be run, use --tests=<test1>,<test2>. However, if running all of the tests except one or two, then let --tests=all and use 
--skip=<skip_test_1>,<skip_test_2> to bypass the unwanted test sections.
  • Specifying --help will generate help text to the terminal.
  • Detailed output of all messages from the AX 7.00.01 Sanity Test tool can be obtained by using the --debug flag. If the summary indicates an error was detected in any of the test sections, then the --debug option may be used in a test re-run to get additional information. If the test is re-run, Teradata recommends using the --nosetup option.
  • Several errors reported in some test sections are expected. The expected errors are not counted in the output reports the AX 7.00.01 Sanity Test tool writes to the terminal.