15.10 - Example: HELP COLUMN for a Distinct UDT Column - Teradata Database

Teradata Database SQL Data Definition Language Syntax and Examples

Teradata Database
December 2015
Programming Reference

The following example shows possible output for a HELP COLUMN request for a column with a distinct UDT type.

      HELP COLUMN t1.distinct_column;
Column Name distinct_column
Type UDT
Nullable N
Format ?
Max Length 4
Decimal Total Digits ?
Decimal Fractional Digits ?
Range Low ?
Range High ?
UpperCase N
Table/View? T
Indexed? N
Unique? ?
 Primary? ?
Title? ?
Column Constraint? ?
Char Type? ?
UDT Name SYSUDTLIB.distinct_type_name
 Temporal Column N
Current ValidTime Unique ?
Sequenced ValidTime Unique ?
NonSequenced ValidTime Unique ?
Current TransactionTime Unique ?
Partitioning Column N
Column Partition Number 0
Column Partition Format NA
Column Partition AC NA
Security Constraint ?
Derived_UDT ?
Derived_UDTFieldID ?
Column Dictionary Name distinct_column
Column SQL Name distinct_column
Column Name UEscape ?
Dictionary Title ?
SQL Title ?
Title UEscape ?
UDT Database Dictionary Name ?
UDT Database SQL Name ?
UDT Database Name UEscape ?
UDT Dictionary Name ?
UDT SQL Name ?
UDT Name UEscape ?
Without Overlaps Unique ?
Storage Format ?