15.10 - PASSWORD - Teradata Database

Teradata Database SQL Data Definition Language Syntax and Examples

Teradata Database
December 2015
Programming Reference

New password for the specified user.

All users have the MODIFY USER privilege on their own user definition. This enables users to:

  • Create a private password at the system prompt after attempting a first logon with a temporary password. For details, see the explanation of the PASSWORD keyword in CREATE USER.
  • Create a new password when their existing user password expires.
Passwords must follow required formatting rules. See “Managing Database Passwords” in Security Administration, B035-1100.
Legacy keywords that are no longer used.

Example: Modifying the Password, Spool Allocation, Startup String, and Default Database

You do not need access privileges to change your own PASSWORD, STARTUP, FALLBACK, or DEFAULT DATABASE definitions. Otherwise, the user submitting a MODIFY request must have the DROP privilege on the user being modified.

For example, although user Marks is not the creator of his own space and does not own himself, he can submit a MODIFY USER request to change his password, modify his startup string, or redirect his default database. Marks can resize finance, as well.

Change the password and other options on user marks.

     MODIFY USER marks AS 
     PASSWORD = design,
     SPOOL = 1500000, 
     STARTUP = 'EXEC paystat;',
     DEFAULT DATABASE =  payroll;