17.00 - OVRC and OVRK - IBM CICS Interface for Teradata

IBM CICS Interface for Teradata® Reference

IBM CICS Interface for Teradata
June 2020
Programming Reference

The values of OVRC and OVRK can be used to adjust the size of buffers defined in the HSHSPBC.

For example, if two buffer sizes, one 4K and one 8K, are specified in the HSHSPBC, and the DMEM display (before shutdown) shows an OVRC = 2000 and an OVRK = 4000 for 8K buffers, then dividing the value of OVRK by the value of OVRC (for example, 4000/2000) yields the average over-allocation (in kilobytes) for 8K buffers.

Subtracting the average over-allocation (for example, 2K) from the buffer size for which over-allocation has occurred (for example, 8K) yields the average buffer size (for example, 6K) that in fact reflects the actual buffer size being requested.

Knowing the average buffer size of buffers being requested makes it possible to adjust the HSHSPBC for efficient use of memory.