Data Moverコマンドライン ヘルプへのアクセス - Teradata Data Mover

Teradata® Data Mover ユーザー ガイド

Teradata Data Mover
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Data Moverコマンドライン インターフェースで使用できるすべてのコマンドについて、それらの基本的な構文構造、一覧、および概要を表示できます。


  1. コマンドラインに「datamove --help」と入力し、以下の操作のいずれかを実行します。
    オプション 説明
    View all commands(すべてのコマンドを表示する)
    • Enterを押し、全コマンドの一覧と概要を表示します。
    View a specific command(特定のコマンドを表示する)
    • 具体的なコマンド名を追加することによって、特定のコマンドについての情報(そのパラメータの一覧など)を表示します。
    • Enterを押します。

例えば、createコマンドについての情報を表示するには、「datamove --help create」と入力して Enterを押します。次のように表示されます。

Data Mover Command Line
Connected to Daemon version
create - Create Command
Creates a job on the DM Daemon based on the information from the arguments and the parameter file
datamove create -job_name job1 -f parameters.xml
Parameter                       Example         Description
job_name                        job1            (optional)Name for the job, must be unique. Generated if unspecified
job_priority                    MEDIUM          (optional)Execution priority for job. HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW. Default is MEDIUM.
source_tdpid                    Checks          Source Teradata database
source_user                     TD_API_user     (optional)Source Teradata logon id
source_password                 123456789       (optional)Source Teradata logon password
source_logon_mechanism          NTLM            (optional)Mechanism to use when logging onto source system
source_logon_mechanism_data     joe@domain1     (optional)Additional parameters for the logon mechanism being used
source_account_id               account_id      (optional)Source Teradata logon account ID
target_tdpid                    Leo             Target Teradata database
target_user                     TD_API_user     (optional)Target Teradata logon id
target_password                 123456789       (optional)Target Teradata logon password
target_logon_mechanism          NTLM            (optional)Mechanism to use when logging onto target system
target_logon_mechanism_data     joe@domain1     (optional)Additional parameters for the logon mechanism being used
target_account_id               account_id      (optional)Target Teradata logon account ID
data_streams                    4               (optional)Number of data streams to use
source_sessions                 4               (optional)Number of session on the source
target_sessions                 4               (optional)Number of session on the target
max_agents_per_task             4               (optional)Max number of agents to use in parallel for each table/database/journal being moved
overwrite_existing_objects      true            (optional)Overwrites objects that already exist on the target
force_utility                   arc             (optional)Force DM to use a specific utility for all DM operations
log_level                       2               (optional)Log level to output a log file
online_archive                  true            (optional)Allows read/write access to the source tables while the tables are being copied
table                           DB1.TABLE       (optional)Table to be copied
response_timeout                60              (optional)Amount of time to wait for Daemon response in seconds
uowid                           uowid           (optional) Unit of work id to identify the job execution.
security_username               dmcl_admin      (optional) User ID of the super user. Only used if security management is enabled.
security_password               53cUr17y        (optional) Password for the super user. Only used if security management is enabled.
security_password_encrypted     052c7aabd1..    (optional) Encrypted password for the super user. Only used if security management is enabled.
query_band                      AppName=B;      (optional) QueryBand passed to the Database as a list of name=value pairs in a string.
source_hadoop_webhcat_url (required) source hadoop system webcat url.
source_hadoop_oozie_url (required) source hadoop system oozie url.
source_hadoop_file_system_url    (optional) source hadoop system file system url.
source_hive_user                hive            (required) hadoop hive user.
source_hive_password            hive            (required) hive user password.
source_hive_password_encrypted                  (optional) encrypted source hadoop system password.
source_hadoop_logon_mechanism   kerberos        (optional) source hadoop system security logon mechanism.
target_hadoop_webhcat_url (required) target hadoop system webcat url.
target_hadoop_oozie_url (required) target hadoop system oozie url.
target_hadoop_file_system_url (optional) target hadoop system file system url.
target_hive_user                hive            (required) target hadoop hive user.
target_hive_password            hive            (optional) target hadoop system user password.
target_hive_password_encrypted                  (optional) encrypted target hadoop system password.
target_hadoop_logon_mechanism   kerberos        (optional) target hadoop system security logon mechanism.
hadoop_file_option              rc              (optional) hadoop file transfer type.
hadoop_file_delimiter                           (optional) hadoop record delimiter.
hadoop_transfer_method          batch_insert    (optional) hadoop transfer method.
hadoop_transfer_batch_size      10              (optional) hadoop batch transfer size.
hadoop_number_mappers           1               (optional) number of hadoop mappers.
source_aster_system_name    (required) source aster system name.
source_aster_port               2406            (optional) port number for source aster system.
source_aster_user_name          beehive         (required) source aster system user name.
source_aster_user_password      beehive         (optional) source aster system user password.
source_aster_user_password_encrypted            (optional) source system encrypted user password.
target_aster_system_name     (required) target aster system name.
target_aster_port               2406            (optional) port number for target aster system.
target_aster_user_name          beehive         (required) target aster system user name.
target_aster_user_password      beehive         (optional) target aster system user password.
target_aster_user_password_encrypted            (optional) target system encrypted user password.
aster_query_timeout             60              (optional) aster query timeout duration.
aster_preserve_column_case      no              (optional) aster need to preserve column case.
aster_skip_error_records        no              (optional) aster needs to skip error records.
netrace                         21              (optional) cli netrace parameter value.
netrace_buf_len                 0               (optional) cli netrace_buf_len parameter value.
tpt_debug                       1               (optional) tptapi trace debug parameter value.
additional_arc_parameters       VBMASK=15       (optional) Specifies the additional ARC parameters that will be appended when executing each ARC task.
source_staging_database         db1             (optional) source staging database name
target_staging_database         db1             (optional) target staging database name
target_database                 db1             (optional) target database name
db_client_encryption            true            (optional) set if job need to encrypted during data transfer.