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May 2016
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Validation Frequency

Enter a date and time using a cron like schedule, such as 0 1****.

Character Position Time Representation Value Allowed
First position Minute 0-59
Second position Hour 0-23 (0 = Midnight)
Third position Day of month 1-31
Fourth position Month 1-12
Fifth position Day of week 0-6 (0 = Sunday)
You can use additional characters to add more detail:
Character Purpose
, (comma) Specifies a list of values. For example, if you want to include the first and eighth of hour of the day, the schedule is 1,8 in the hour position.
-(dash) Specifies a range of values. For example, if you want to include Monday through Friday, enter 1-5 in the day of the week position.
*(asterisk) Specifies all values for the field. For example, * in the month position specifies every month.
/(slash) Specifies a step in the value. For example */2 specifies every hour divisible by 2, such as the 2nd hour, 4th hour, ...

WHERE clause

Enter a clause up to 1,000 characters to restrict validation to part of the table. You can specify a partial table checksum based on a range or value in a column. The clause can include any columns of a table.

For example:

column_x,=current_data - X


If a WHERE clause is specified, it is recommended that the datatype for the column be the same across different database systems.

Validation Expression

Enter a valid expression, up to 500 characters for a custom table validation on a set of rows. You can specify an aggregate function, such as AVG, MIN, MAX, and COUNT.

Do not use tokens or SELECT, INSERT, MERGE, UPDATE, CREATE, DELETE, or DROP statements.

For example:

  • SalesAmount: Numeric column
  • SUM(SalesAmount): Aggregate expression
  • AVG(SalesAmount): Aggregate expression
  • CASE WHEN StateCode='CA' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END: Case expression that always returns a numeric value.

Hadoop RowCount Column

The field Hadoop rowcount column is applicable for table validation involving a Hadoop system. For a table validation on a Hadoop system, enter the name of only one column from all the columns in that table. It is recommended that you choose the column that is smallest in width.

Row Count

Select Row Count to measure whether tables have the same number of rows. It does not indicate if the content of the rows is different.