15.11 - Maintaining an Ecosystem Manager Repository - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata Ecosystem Manager User Guide

Teradata Ecosystem Manager
May 2016
User Guide

The Ecosystem Manager repository is a Teradata Database instance installed on the Ecosystem Manager server. Ecosystem Manager uses the Ecosystem Configuration portlet global parameters to control the schedule and amount of data kept in the repository after a purge.

Ecosystem Manager utilities can be used to manually back up, purge, export, and import events and metadata.

Utility Purpose Types of Data Example
embackup Back up data Metadata and transactional data Perform a full backup between scheduled backups.
emexport Export data Metadata Copy the configurations you have in your production environment to a test environment, without including all the history data.
emimport Restore backed up data Metadata and transactional data

Restore data after replacing a server.

Bring configurations from a test environment into production.