15.11 - Workflow Detail Views - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

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Teradata Ecosystem Manager
May 2016
User Guide

To access the Workflows detail views, click the name of a workflow on the Workflows tab.

The Workflow detail views let you monitor a workflow's progress. You can toggle between two views: Flowchart and Datagrid. You can view any Threshold Rules applied to the workflow.

The Flowchart View shows the following information:

Flowchart Nodes
You can see the sequence and status of each node. You can hover the mouse over a failed node for a reason for the failure.
Node Properties Definition
Blue flashing Node is currently running.
Blue static Node ran successfully.
Red Node failed.
Gray Node has not run.

For example, this workflow shows the first node completed successfully, the second node failed, and the third node has not run yet.

Workflow Properties
The Workflow Properties shows the name and description of the workflow. This also shows the schedule of the workflow and email notification preferences.

The Datagrid View shows the following fields:

Event Type
Event Type Description
Start Signals the start of a job.
End Signals the last or exit step of a job.
Step Signals a step after the start event.
Clear Clears a specific condition for a job.
StepClear Clears the current alert for a job step.
Event TS
The timestamp for the current event.
The node in the workflow related to the event.
Exec Message
The message that appears at the start and end of each node.
The health value of the unit of work.
The health string for the current job.
Alert code
Numeric code identifying an alert.
The severity level of an alert event or 0 if none is available.

The Threshold Rules view shows the following fields:

Type of violation against threshold rule.
Threshold limit before action initiated.
Type of alert.