15.11 - Changing States - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata Ecosystem Manager User Guide

Teradata Ecosystem Manager
May 2016
User Guide

The State Change Control script must be assigned while configuring the daemon group for the state change option to appear.

  1. Click the Daemons tab.
  2. Click next to a daemon state icon, and select a new state. The state change menu depends on the current state of the daemon and valid transitions configured for the daemon group. For example, if the daemon group is active/standby, you cannot change a daemon from OOS to passive unless that was selected during configuration. The following table includes all possible options:
    Active/Active Active/Standby
    • Active -> Passive
    • Passive -> Active
    • OOS -> Passive
    • OOS -> Active
    • Passive -> Standby
    • Standby ->Active
    • Passive -> Active
    • OOS -> Active
    • Standby -> Passive
    • OOS -> Passive
    • Active -> Passive
    • Active -> Standby
    • OOS -> Standby
  3. [Optional] Enter the reason for the state change.
  4. Click State Change.