16.00 - Deleting Aster Cache Files - Teradata Studio

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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide
You can delete Aster cache files using the Delete Cache Files button in these dialogs:
  • Aster Database Connection Profile wizard
  • Aster Database Connection Properties
Deleting cache files does not disable the caching of Aster schemas. It only deletes the cache files that have been generated. When you connect to the Connection Profile, the files are recreated to cache. Any schemas you selected to be cached in the Cache Schema Properties dialog continue to be cached. To disable caching, you must remove the schema from the Select Schema list in the Cache Schema Properties dialog.
  1. Open the Aster Database Connection Profile wizard or the Aster Database Connection Properties dialog.
  2. Under JDBC Connection Properties, click Delete Cache Files.
  3. When you are asked if you want to delete the cache files, click Yes.