16.00 - Adding Users to a Secure Zone - Teradata Studio

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Teradata Studio
March 2017
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A zone user is a permanent database user with privileges in a zone. The first user added to a secure zone automatically becomes the primary zone DBA. Only the primary zone DBA can create further users.
  1. List existing secure zones for the desired Teradata Database in the Object List Viewer.
  2. On the desired row, right-click and select Add/Drop Secure Zone Users. The Add/Drop Users tab appears.
  3. Click Users in Zone.
  4. Expand the Users tree and right-click the name of the database or user, select Create Zone User and click OK to open the Create User Form.
  5. Fill out the desired information in the tabs.
  6. [Optional] Click SQL to review the generated SQL statements.
  7. Click Commit. A new zone user is created and added to the secure zone, and the user information appears.
  8. [Optional] To refresh the Users tree with the newly added zone user, do the following:
    1. In the Add/Drop Users tab, under Users in Zone, right-click Users in the tree.
    2. Click Refresh. The Users tree includes the user you added.