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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide

Use the Data Transfer Perspective to enable data transfers between Teradata Databases, Aster Databases, and Hadoop file systems. The views enable a database administrator to perform tasks such as loading data stored in Hadoop into a Teradata database and if desired, exporting the data to an external file or back to Hadoop.

The Data Transfer Perspective contains the following default views:
View Description
Data Source Explorer View and manage the database objects in the connected system.
Transfer View In combination with the Data Source Explorer, transfer data from one data system to another.
Transfer Progress Viewer View data transfer jobs and their status by displaying information about the source and destination tables for the transfer, job name, and start time, as well as the current elapsed time for the transfer operation.
Transfer History View View information about the data transfer event, such as the name, start time, rows transferred, source and destination systems, status (Completed, Canceled, or Failed), and summary.