16.00 - Filtering the Object List Viewer - Teradata Studio

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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide
This task assumes you are on the Administration perspective.
  1. In the Filters view, click to add a filter.
  2. Check Apply.
  3. Complete the remaining fields in the filter.
    Field Description
    Filter Name Type a descriptive name for the new filter.
    Category Select the type of category that you want to filter.
    Case Insensitive Check this box to make the filter sensitive to the case of the filter value.
    Property Select the property to be used for the filter definition.
    Operator Select the operator for the property's value.
    Value Type the value for the filter expression.
    AND/OR Select AND or OR to define multiple filters to be used at the same time. To apply multiple filters, combine the AND filters using AND and combine the OR filters using OR. Use AND to combine both the AND and OR filters.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Refresh the view to see the change.