16.00 - Permanent Proxy Users Tab - Teradata Studio

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Teradata Studio
March 2017
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The Permanent Proxy Users tab enables you to grant connect through privileges to permanent proxy users. Permanent proxy users are users who are defined in the Teradata or Aster database and allowed to connect through a trusted user.

The tab displays current grantable privileges based on the selected user in Trusted User. You can move single or multiple privilege type(s) from the Grantable Privileges list to To be Granted privileges list to specify which privileges to grant. You must click Grant to grant the connect through rights to the user.

  1. In User(s), select the users to whom you want to grant connect through privileges.
  2. Select Roles and then select up to 15 roles that can be used by the Trusted User when the database-defined users connect through.
  3. Click Add To to add the permanent proxy user name and role to the Grantable Privileges list.
  4. In Grantable Privileges, review and then select the privileges to grant. Use the Shift and Ctrl keys to select multiple privileges.
  5. Move single or multiple privileges from the Grantable Privileges list to the To be Granted list using the directional arrows. The single arrow moves a single privilege; the double arrow moves multiple privileges.
  6. Preview the generated SQL statement in the SQL Preview tab, and if necessary, repeat previous steps to modify SQL.
  7. Click Grant to submit SQL and grant privileges listed in the To be Granted list.