16.00 - Query Development Perspective - Teradata Studio

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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide

Use the Query Development Perspective to develop and run SQL queries.

The Query Development Perspective contains the following default views.
View Description
Data Source Explorer View and manage the database objects in the connected system.
Project Explorer A hierarchical view of the Projects and their resource files. Use Project Explorer to select SQL files for editing or to create new SQL files.
SQL Editor Develop, edit, test, and run SQL queries. It provides a Connection Profiles option selecting the connection on which to execute the SQL statements. Double-clicking a SQL file in the Project Explorer opens the file in the SQL Editor.
Teradata Result Set Viewer View the result set, including options to hide columns, filter on column values, copy data to clipboard, format cell data, and switch between view modes. Each result set appears in a separate tab.
Teradata SQL History A list of SQL queries and their status, issued from the SQL editor, allowing you to re-execute them.