16.00 - Viewing Query Logging Rules - Teradata Studio

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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide
The Database Query Log (DBQL) stores historical records of queries, together with their duration, performance, and target activity, based on rules you define.
  1. In the Data Source Explorer, right-click a database or user, and click Teradata > Logging > Query Logging The Query Logging Rules dialog opens.
  2. Click the Display Query Logging tab.
  3. From the Rule Type options, choose the application or users for which you want to display query log rules. Applications or users that have associated query logging rules defined are displayed in box.
  4. Select the application or database users for which you want to display query logging rules (you can select more than one), and click Display. Query logging rules that have been defined for the selected application or users are displayed in the Logging Rules table.