16.00 - Creating an Aster Role - Teradata Studio

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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide
After you create an Aster Database role, you can use that role across all databases residing on the same Aster Database server.
  1. In the Administration perspective, click an Aster connection.
  2. In the Navigator, double-click on the database in which you want to create the roles. the list of databases in the Object List Viewer
  3. In the Object List Viewer, display the roles list and click .
  4. In the Create Role form, click General and type a Name for the new role.
  5. [Optional] Select the Inherit check box to specify this role inherits the privileges of roles of which it is a member.
  6. Click SQL.
    1. Review the generated statements that will create the new role.
    2. [Optional] Modify the CREATE statement by returning to previous steps to change your selections.
  7. Click Commit to create the role.
  8. [Optional] Click In Roles and specify to which roles the new role.
  9. [Optional] Click Members of Role and select the Member Type.
  10. [Optional] Click Object Privileges and define the privileges.
  11. [Optional] Click SQL to review the generated SQL with added GRANT and REVOKE statements.
  12. Click Commit to set the privileges you selected for this role.
    You can change any privilege you've set by returning to the Privileges tab and double-clicking a privilege icon.