16.00 - Modifying Profile Properties - Teradata Studio

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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide
A profile defines a set of user resource parameters, such as spool space allocations, password control parameters, and query bands. When a new user is created, they can be assigned a profile to automatically confer on them the resources defined for the profile.
  1. In the Navigator, right-click Profiles, and click Show Profiles. A list of profiles defined in the connected system appears in the Object List Viewer. The list is filtered according to any filters you have applied.
  2. In the Object List Viewer, right-click the profile you want to modify, and click Modify Profile. A Modify Profile property form opens in the Details view.
  3. Modify properties by entering new information into the property fields.
  4. [Optional] Click the SQL category to see the SQL code that will be executed on the connected system to modify the profile.
  5. Click Commit. The profile is modified in the connected database.
  6. Click OK. A property form shows the modified profile properties.