16.00 - Setting Query Logging Rules - Teradata Studio

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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide
The Database Query Log (DBQL) stores historical records of queries, together with their duration, performance, and target activity, based on rules you define.
  1. In the Data Source Explorer, right-click a database or user, and click Teradata > Logging > Query Logging The Query Logging Rules dialog opens.
  2. On the Set Query Logging tab, specify the criteria for the query logging you want Teradata Database to record. You can log queries issued by a specific application, one or more users or databases, or one or more database accounts. Query logging rules can specify what to log (such as object names, SQL text, EXPLAIN text), and you can set parameters to limit the logging and save space.
  3. Click Begin Log to create your query logging rule and begin logging. A QueryLogging Rules message confirms that the logging rule was created successfully.
  4. Click OK. Query logging using the new rule begins.