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March 2017
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The Table Data Editor provides editing capabilities for large data and large object storage in a database. You can edit:
  • Binary Large Object (BLOB) - Contains raw binary data stored as a single object. BLOBs are used to store images, video clips, and word documents. See Editing Binary Large Object Data.
  • Character Large Object (CLOB) - Contains only plain text, same as VARCHAR data type, and is used to store simple text, HTML, or XML documents. CLOBs are considered a subset of BLOBs since character data is a sequence of bytes and can be stored in BINARY fields as well as CHAR fields. See Editing Character Large Object Data.
  • Large Binary Data - Contains raw binary data stored as VARBYTE data type. See Editing Large Binary Data.
  • Large Text Data - Contains character data stored as VARCHAR data type. See Editing Large Text Data.
  • XML Data Type - Contains data in the Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. See Editing XML Data.