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March 2017
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The Export Data Wizard enables you to export data from a table to a file in a file system.

Export Data to External File
In this section you can specify the name of the file to receive the data and the server path to its location in the file system. To locate an existing file, click Browse and navigate the file system to select a file. You can choose to export data to a text file, such as a .txt or .csv file, or to a Microsoft Excel file. Choose between a .xslx file, or .xls (Microsoft Excel 97-2003) file. The file data options change depending on which type of output file you select.
Table Column Option
Selecting Select Column Labels in First Row retrieves the column headers in the table to be written as the column labels in the first row of data in the export file.
Export File Delimiters and Encoding
A delimiter is a character or sequence of characters that specify the boundaries of independent regions of data in plain text by distinguishing the beginning and end of the unit of data, such as a field value. You must select how you want to delimit data from exported table columns when it is imported to the target file. You can accept the default to use commas or you can use choose to use semicolons, spaces, tabs, or vertical bars (|). You can optionally select delimiters for character strings and the type of file encoding to use.
Control buttons are used to move forward or backward within the Export Data Wizard. When you are ready to export data, click Finish. A Progress Information dialog displays to show the progress of the export task.