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March 2017
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The Copy Object Wizard enables you to copy objects from one Teradata system to another. When you select a table to copy, you can use data filters to specify which columns and data to transfer. You can also lock the table while you are transferring data.

You can transfer Teradata tables by using the Data Transfer Wizard Transfer command or by using the drag-and drop feature. If you use the Data Transfer Wizard to copy data to and from tables in different Teradata systems, the Copy Object Wizard performs the data transfer.

The Copy Object Wizard consists of several screen interfaces:

Interface Description
Copy Table Shows the database and object name of the data source and destination. Use this screen to verify that the transfer information is correct. You can select Copy Data to copy the data in the source table to the destination table. A Lock Table option allows you to lock the tables during the transfer.
Filter Copy Columns Enables you to select which columns in the table to transfer. The Filter Copy Columns screen is specific to table objects. After you select a column, you can filter for the data in that column to transfer. The default is to transfer all data.
Column Specification Enables you to select which columns to transfer and which data type to assign when copying table data to an existing table.
SQL Summary Displays the generated Data Definition Language (DDL) script that copies the source object to its destination. You can save the DDL and run it later or create the transfer job to run it immediately by clicking Finish.