16.00 - Setting Access Logging Rules - Teradata Studio

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Teradata Studio
March 2017
User Guide
Access logging keeps a record of database and user access. Access logging rules set the criteria for what to log.
  1. In the Data Source Explorer, right-click a database or user, and click Teradata > Logging > Access Logging The Access Logging Rules dialog opens.
  2. On the Set Access Logging tab, specify the parameters and scope of the access logging you want Teradata Database to record. An access logging rule can specify to log accesses by all or specific users, to all or specific databases and users. It can log accesses to all objects in a database or user, or to a specific object. You can specify the type of access according to several criteria. Use the Select By options to select entire categories of access types.
  3. Click Begin Log to create your access logging rule and begin logging. An Access Logging Rules message confirms that the logging rule was created successfully.
  4. Click OK. Access logging using the new rule begins.